How Long Can I Receive Medical Care

How Long Can I Receive Medical Care If I Have Been on Workers’ Comp in West Palm?

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A work-related injury or illness can be challenging enough without needing to worry about whether workers’ comp insurance will cover your medical expenses until you’ve completely recovered. Among the most vital workers’ comp benefits is medical care benefit. If you’ve sustained injuries while at work, you may be worried that your employer’s workers’ comp insurance provider will stop paying your medical care before you’re fully healed.

In Florida, your employer is legally obligated to pay for your medical treatment until your doctor has released you from care, which indicates that you have healed completely. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for an injured worker to be capable of going back to work before they have fully recovered. Fortunately, going back to work doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll stop receiving medical benefits.

When Do Medical Payments From Workers’ Comp Insurance Stop?

Your employer’s workers’ comp insurance provider must pay for all medical care expenses that are necessary, reasonable, and associated with your workplace injury or illness until you have made a full recovery. This means that in most cases, your workers’ comp benefits for medical care will continue until your doctor releases you from treatment.

Your doctor might make this decision if they can guarantee that you have fully recovered from your workplace illness or injury or if your doctor determines that you’ve achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI), meaning that your illness or injury has been stabilized or will no longer improve even with more treatment.

Do note, though, that the insurance provider can request for the termination of the medical benefits. However, the burden of proof will be on the insurer. Likewise, the insurer will face penalties if it refuses or fails to pay for continuing medical treatment. In addition, even if you suffered a mild injury, you are entitled to reopen your claim if you suddenly develop an additional, new, or previously undiagnosed or undiscovered condition that’s directly linked to your initial injury.

What Medical Benefits Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Provide?

Put simply, all the necessary expenses to ensure that you are treated properly must be paid by workers’ comp insurance. Make sure to follow all the doctor’s instructions about home care, rehabilitation, and appointments, among others, to avoid the denial or discontinuation of your medical care benefits.

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