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Is distracted driving more prevalent among Apple users?

Car accidents are a daily occurrence in Florida and across the country. Unfortunately, more and more of these accidents are caused by distracted driving. Too many individuals feel the urge to check their phones, send a text, make a call or check social media when they should be focused on driving. Could the type of device a driver has affect the level of distraction?

In a recent survey regarding distracted driving, a certain portion of the report looked at the breakdown between Apple iOS users and Google Android users. When it came to replying to text messages while driving, nearly 60% of Apple iOS users indicated that they felt very high pressure to reply to those messages even though they should be focused on driving. On the other hand, approximately 18% of Android users felt that same high pressure.

Of course, there are other distractions that cellphones pose to drivers aside from texting. Video chatting is another distraction that many drivers participate in. When it came to Apple users, 70% indicated that they had conducted a video chat while driving. When it came to Android users, approximately 24% stated that they had also conducted video chats while driving.

No matter what type of device a person has, distracted driving can quickly cause an accident that has devastating outcomes. Serious or fatal injuries are common in such events, and lives can be changed forever. If Florida residents have suffered injuries or loss due to a distracted driver, it may be worthwhile for them to consider their legal options for seeking compensation.

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