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Recovering from an accident? Avoid social media.

Last week, your life was turned upside-down. You were driving home from work, when suddenly a distracted driver in the oncoming lane veered right into you—colliding with you head on.

The intervening days since the accident have been a whirlwind. After spending several days in the hospital, you’re finally back at home. Reality is beginning to sink in. You’re unable to get out of bed and care for your children, and you won’t be able to go back to work for several months. You’re suing the other driver for damages.

Traumatic brain injuries and car accidents

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, chances are you got jostled around. Muscle pain in the neck and back is somewhat normal due to the sudden movement of your head and upper body forward and then back. Whiplash is often the cause of pain in the muscles and typically heals within days. Aside from this, you should also be paying very close attention to your head.

It does not take a great deal of force to cause whiplash, and that same quick snap of the neck may also result in a brain injury. Further, if you hit your head on the airbag, ceiling, window or any other part of your vehicle, even if it seemed minor at the time, you may want to see a doctor.

Your legal recourse following a Black Friday injury

Thanksgiving weekend is behind us. You may have gotten through the Thursday feasting with a couple extra pounds and a little indigestion to show for it. However, if you ventured out to the malls the next day, you risk of personal injury was probably a bit greater.

Black Friday is a common term used to describe the day after Thanksgiving. The day was originally so dubbed in the mid-twentieth century, in reference to the day of the year when retailers become profitable--or "go in the black."

On-the-job injury risks you face as a firefighter

As someone who puts his or her life on the line for others, you probably have firsthand knowledge of just how dangerous your job as a firefighter can be. The nature of your profession exposes you to a particularly high level of on-the-job risk, and the injuries you may suffer as a firefighter can prove devastating, potentially leading to a lifetime of hardship, or even death.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 62,000 firefighters suffered job-related injuries in 2016, with some types of injuries and accidents proving more common than others. In your role as a firefighter, you run the risk of suffering harm such as:

Why construction workers suffer so many back injuries

As a Florida construction worker, no one need tell you that your job requires you to lift, move and carry heavy objects on a day-to-day basis. No one needs to tell you that your back takes a constant beating as a result of these on-the-job activities. What you may not realize, however, is that 25 percent of all work-related injuries result from musculoskeletal disorders. Forty percent of these represent serious back injuries

You can easily develop a musculoskeletal disorder from the constant strains your back receives due to your work. These strains build up over time and affect the muscles, tendons and nerves of your back, usually resulting in constant back pain.

Three ways you could end up in the hospital over Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may be eagerly anticipating a day off of work to feast with family or close friends. The holiday is a happy, festive occasion to take stock of what you have and be grateful.

However, around the country, Thanksgiving also represents a time when emergency room visits spike. What may seem like an innocuous celebration actually carries with it a variety of safety hazards. In today's post, we examine three core risks connected to the upcoming holiday weekend.

Is sitting the new smoking?

Recent studies have found sitting for prolonged periods a day presents a similar risk of dying as smoking and obesity. According to an article in the New York Times, sitting for one hour at a time has the same health effect on your body as smoking two cigarettes. This is a huge problem for 85 percent of Americans who sit at their desks for eight hours during the workday.

Studies have linked prolonged sitting to a higher risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, hypertension, obesity, depression and other serious health issues. Unfortunately, while exercising has many health benefits, it might not negate all the effects of sitting.

4 common places where you can slip, trip or fall

Slipping, tripping, and falling can be deadly. According to the National Safety Council, 32,000 people died from fall accidents in 2014. Slips, trips and falls can happen just about anywhere. However, there are certain places where they occur more often.

Knowing where these accidents are likely to take place can help you stay safe. Here are some common ways  you can slip or trip and fall during your daily life.

After a car crash, it can pay to avoid rushing into a settlement.

Being involved in a serious car crash can turn your life upside-down. You may be hospitalized—concerned about your recovery and what this event means for your future. When an insurance adjuster contacts you to offer you a settlement, it may be tempting to sign the papers and be done with the whole ordeal.

However, settling too quickly can prove to be damaging for you in the long run. Here’s why:

The top 5 things you should know about big trucks

Sharing Florida roads with big trucks likely is not one of your favorite activities. Should you hit one or be hit by one, you and your passengers face a far higher risk of injury than the truck driver given the size disparity between your vehicle and the truck.

Here are the top five things you should know about semi trucks.

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