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Florida truck accident had disastrous results

While every Florida driver must obey all traffic laws and safety regulations, unexpected circumstances may place a motorist in a position where he or she is unable to avoid a collision. A truck accident took place on a recent Wednesday that transformed what one man said was an otherwise uneventful trip into a disaster. He later said he had gripped the steering wheel as tightly as he could and braced himself because he thought a tractor-trailer was going to hit him.

The crash also involved several other vehicles. The man said he saw the truck coming at him from behind at full speed, then start to skid and spin. The man's vehicle was struck in what wound up being a chain reaction collision. The truck flew off the road and ended up on top of another vehicle.

How to avoid a fatal auto accident during the holidays

In Florida and beyond, there are typically more motor vehicle collisions during holiday seasons. One of several reasons might be that many people tend to increase their consumption of alcohol on festive occasions. Some of them, unfortunately, then make irresponsible decisions to get behind the wheels of their vehicles to drive, which greatly increases the risk that a fatal auto accident might occur. 

Judgement, vision and reaction are three of the most important skills drivers use to safely arrive at their destinations. If any of these skills is impaired, the results may be disastrous because the likelihood of collision is greatly increased. Police typically arrest more than a million drunk drivers in Florida and across the country every year.

Florida collision ended in fatality after passenger was ejected

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida and elsewhere. Some people prefer to be operators, and others enjoy riding behind as passengers on the open road. Either way, passengers and drivers are often at great risk for injury, especially if an unexpected issue occurs that suddenly changes traffic flow.

A man was recently traveling in a northbound direction on a highway. He was carrying a passenger on his motorcycle. The vehicle in front of him suddenly slowed down, and his motorcycle hit it. Both the operator and the passenger were ejected from their seats. Investigators will no doubt try to determine if any specific issues may have been causal factors in the collision.

4 driving mistakes that could cause accidents

When many Florida residents get behind the wheel of their car, they are trying to get somewhere they need to be, often in a hurry. Driving is a common and convenient way for you and many others to get to your intended destinations, but it is also a dangerous activity. Many people become complacent about the dangers of driving, but they are there every time someone hits the road.

Because there is such complacency when it comes to driving, many people make serious mistakes while behind the wheel. They may think either that what they are doing is not dangerous or that a momentary action will not have any major consequences. However, that is often not the case, and serious car accidents could occur because of those actions.

Workers' compensation: When an incident results in serious injury

There are many dangerous jobs in Florida. Washing windows on scaffolds high above the ground is one of them.  The construction industry also poses a significant risk for workplace accidents. In fact, a recent tragedy in Florida involved a construction worker. The incident is one of many examples that show just how dangerous such work can be.

A man was working on a construction crew and was reportedly operating a power saw when things went terribly wrong. A blade on the saw somehow malfunctioned and kicked back against the man's body. He was struck with the power blade in the chest. The blade then sliced through the worker's neck and into his jaw. The man's co-workers contacted 911 to request immediate assistance at the scene.

Defendant's mother asks leniency re Florida fatal auto accident

On a recent Friday, at approximately 8 p.m., a man's life was devastated. He had been traveling in Florida with his wife, who was driving their vehicle at the time. The events that unfolded led to criminal charges against another woman, whose mother appeared in court to ask the judge for leniency.

The vehicle carrying the man and his wife was reportedly hit hard from behind. The sudden impact sent the couple's car barreling over a median, then sending it into multiple rolls before it halted after crashing into a fence. The man was treated and released from a nearby hospital after suffering minor injuries.

Navigating recovery after car accident injuries in Florida

It's safe to assume that a car accident occurs somewhere in Florida every day. At times, you may be at greater risk for being involved in such an incident, such as when you approach a busy intersection or are traveling in congested traffic on a highway. There may be little to nothing you can do to avoid getting hit, especially if a distracted or drunk driver is in your midst. If you suffer car accident injuries that are moderate to severe, it can have a significant negative impact on your life in the weeks or months that follow the collision.

Were you driving along, and the next thing you knew, you were in the back of an ambulance, fading in and out of consciousness? The sudden impact of a collision can result in any number of injuries, including concussion or traumatic brain injury, lacerations, whiplash and more. Not all injuries are immediately apparent, which is why many people are not aware that they have suffered a traumatic brain injury until hours or days after they were involved in a car accident.

Mutiple cars involved in fatal auto accident in Florida

Florida is a prime location for vacations, retirement and year-round residence. The state has many amenities to offer. Like all other states, however, there are downsides, such as highways that are often congested with traffic. The more drivers sharing a particular roadway, the greater chance that a fatal auto accident might occur.

On a recent Monday, police officers were sent to the scene of a multiple vehicle crash. Roads were closed to traffic for hours after a collision that sent one person to the hospital with injuries. Sadly, another person involved in the incident suffered fatal injuries.

Why workers' compensation insurance is a must in the IT industry

Technology-based businesses are thriving in Florida. Information technology business owners often mistakenly believe their workers are not at risk for personal injury on the job. A brief review of the most common workplace injuries among U.S. workers shows that not only is the assumption false, it is a high possibility that an IT employee will file a workers' compensation claim if he or she suffers one of the two most common workplace injuries in the nation.

It is easy to understand why someone might assume that jobs in the construction industry or military, for instance, would be much more dangerous than working in an office in the IT field. However, two of the most frequently reported types of on-the-job injuries include slips and falls as well as repetitive stress injuries. Most IT workers are at risk for either one of these mishaps in the workplace.

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