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When can a hotel be sued for personal injury?

When you stay at a hotel or resort, you expect it to be a safe and comfortable experience. That is not always the case. Sometimes the conditions are merely unpleasant. But in many cases unexpected hazards create the condition for serious injury.

The owners and managers of these properties have a high duty -- a legal duty -- to your safety. If you are harmed because of their negligence, you may have grounds to sue.

Car crashes cause brain injury more often than you think

You may associate head injuries with sports like football or soccer because those injuries often make the news. But what about car accidents?

Vehicle crashes are among the top causes of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, It is not necessary for the head to hit the dashboard or any part of the car. Brain damage can occur when an occupant is thrown forward by the force of the crash, which causes the brain to strike the inside of the skull.

How common is drug and alcohol abuse among truckers?

While today’s truck drivers play a critical role in the commerce system across Florida and the United States, many of them also pose a threat to the motoring public because of their admitted substance abuse. The results of numerous studies reveal that a significant percentage of commercial truck drivers are taking unnecessary and dangerous risks while driving their trucks, and they are endangering you, your loved ones and everyone else on the roadways in doing so.

Just how common is substance abuse among truck drivers? According to the American Addiction Centers, semi-truck drivers are using drugs and alcohol while on the clock at alarming rates, despite the fact that the dangers linked to doing so have been tremendously well-documented. In fact, more than 90% of the respondents in more than 35 studies conducted across 13 years admitted to drinking on the job, while another about 8% said they had used cocaine at some point or another while driving their trucks.

Workers’ comp case could be trouble for those working from home

Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals recently denied workers’ compensation benefits for a woman injured while she worked from home. According to the court’s opinion, the woman sustained injuries to her knee, hip and shoulder in 2016 when she tripped over her dog while reaching for a coffee cup. But, even though the injury occurred during her normal workday, the majority found she ran the risk of tripping over her dog whether she was working or not.

This case brings up interesting issues for remote workers, who at least in theory could claim the same workers’ compensation benefits as those working on site. But, the court’s focus on the details of the case might cause problems for remote employees in the future.

Does your condition qualify for Social Security Disability?

Realizing that you can no longer work due to an injury or medical condition is not easy. Many people in this situation worry about the future. Paying bills and providing for our families gets a lot harder when we can no longer do the work we used to.

Social Security Disability provides a safeguard for people whose injuries or medical conditions severely impact their ability to work. But, there are two major hurdles between you and these benefits.

My spouse died on the job. How can workers' compensation help me?

The tragedy of losing your spouse affects your entire life. Who will pay for the funeral? How will you afford the mortgage? Will your kids be able to go to college? You deserve help for all these expenses as you figure out how to live life without your partner.

Under Florida law, there are specific benefits that you and your children can receive if a court rules in your favor. The first important thing to know is that the maximum compensation your family can receive is $150,000.

Dash cams can be crucial in car accident claims

You might be driving along on a Sunday morning, looking forward the relaxing day ahead of you. Suddenly, another car jumps in front of you and brakes. You feel a sudden jolt, hear a horrible crunching sound and maybe even feel an airbag in your face.

The other driver cut you off and caused the accident, but you might be too distracted in the moment to remember the details later. Luckily, there are devices that could do all the work for you. A dashboard camera (dash cam) can record what happens while driving and potentially show who was at fault in an accident.

How do injury claims work in a ride-share accident?

Events like March Madness increase the chances of an Uber or Lyft collision

March and April brings March Madness -- the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men's and women's basketball tournaments. Once again, Florida plays hosts to games in each tournament. Jacksonville hosted the first two rounds of the men's tournament while Tampa will play host to the women's Final Four. Many Floridians will travel to Minnesota for the men's championship.

These tournaments attract basketball fans from Florida and all over the country to watch their favorite team and experience all that our great state has to offer. Many of those fans will use ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft to get around. But what happens if you're injured in a collision involving a ride-sharing service? It depends on the facts of the situation.

Avoid a fatal crash on Florida roadways

Vacation season means sun and fun for many, but it also means roads will be even busier than usual. As we get closer and closer to summer, we wish to remind everyone to stay safe on Florida’s roadways.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida consistently appears near the top of traffic fatality lists for the nation. Keep reading for safe driving tips and information for families who have lost someone they love in a fatal accident.

Avoid these 3 common SSDI application mistakes

When you have a disability that prevents you from working, it can be confusing and stressful to figure out how to apply for benefits. While you may assume getting benefits is easy if you meet all the SSA requirements, it is not always straightforward. Application rejections are possible, especially if you make errors. 

A denied claim may simply be because of minor or procedural reasons. If this happens, you may be able to appeal the decision. But it is always easier to try to get it as accurate as possible the first time. Take a look at these mistakes to avoid so you have a better chance of getting approved.

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