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How to avoid aggressive drivers on the road

For drivers who prioritize safety, aggressive motorists on Florida’s roads can present a serious problem. Recognizing the signs from afar can help you stay away from potential road rage situations.

Aggressive driving typically consists of several risky behaviors that tend to increase the likelihood of an accident. In extreme cases, road rage can lead to deliberate, often deadly, assaults.

Red-flag behaviors

Common types of dangerous behaviors aggressive motorists engage in include speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off other drivers, abruptly changing speed or direction, and tailgating. Aggressive drivers may also run through red lights or stop signs. If you observe a motorist engaging in any of these behaviors, you should keep your distance; you may also want to contact law enforcement.

Avoid escalating

If you find an angry driver targeting you by cutting you off, following too closely, shouting at you or gesturing, avoid engaging. Even simply making eye contact can escalate the level of aggression. Assume that someone who already exhibits angry behaviors is not in a rational frame of mind. Try to put distance between this driver and yourself as soon as you can.

When a driver follows you

If the driver persistently follows you, your best option is to go to a police station or another very public place where law enforcement or security personnel are likely to be present. Do not go home or lead the driver to your workplace or school. In several cases, an aggressive driver who followed another motorist ended up using a firearm.

Keep anger at bay

As you think of ways to keep your commute safe, remember the importance of not becoming that aggressive driver yourself. You know better than anyone else what causes you to lose your temper, so minimize distractions and emotional conversations during your drive. If another driver breaks a traffic rule or otherwise behaves annoyingly, do not try to punish him or her by tailgating or employing other types of threatening conduct.

Florida drivers owe other motorists a duty to obey traffic laws and drive with reasonable safety. If an aggressive driver causes a car accident, you have rights. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you could recover compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages and more.

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