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Understanding Wrongful Death Lawsuits In Florida

Individuals every day lose their lives in countless accidents caused by negligent physicians, auto accidents and defective products.

Fortunately, when someone dies due to the negligence or the inaction of another party, legal recourse options such as filing a wrongful death lawsuit is available. It is similar to a personal injury lawsuit, as the incident is caused by the wrong doing of another.

However, it is quite obvious that the deceased cannot file a wrongful death lawsuit. So, the family must be the one to do so. But the law does not allow any person of the family to make the claim.

Who Is Allowed To File A Wrongful Death Claim?

Given the number of family members of the deceased, the law stipulates a specific “order of claimants,” or those who can file a wrongful death lawsuit first.


There are exceptions, however, to the above order. Some states allow ANY person who suffers financially from the loss of the victim to sue for wrongful death. Also, if the victim was a guardian of a minor, the minor may file the case of wrongful death if he or she was cared for by the victim and lived with the victim for at least 180 days.

Skilled, Experienced Legal Representation To Handle Your Wrongful Death Case

Claiming a wrongful death suit requires a trial attorney to provide sufficient evidence that the other party’s misconduct or negligence caused the death.

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