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What the data teaches us about safe workplaces

Creating safe environments for Florida workers should be a top priority. Despite decades of increased regulation and safety efforts, hundreds of laborers sustain a workplace injury annually.

The federal Bureau of Labor and state officials have worked together to gather extensive data on workplace injuries. This information can help us identify key insights into workplace accidents and can help you better understand your rights.

Workplace fatalities are on the rise, especially among men

Both federal and state data shows us that over the course of the past few years, workplace injuries are leading to more deaths. This is especially true for traditionally dangerous work, like construction and manufacturing. This same information shows that most fatalities occur among men ages 25-54 who work for companies as opposed to working as an independent contractor. This may mean there is room for more regulation or for better enforcement of existing regulations. 

Most injuries are caused by seemingly safe tasks

Many people believe workplace injuries must result from large equipment and other dangerous tools. However, workers of all types become injured, including construction workers, retail laborers, teachers and professionals. Labor data shows us very clearly that most injuries stem from car and truck accidents and workplace slip-and-falls, both of which happen in many sectors of the workforce. 

Too few people file for workers’ compensation

The other thing we know is that many people fail to file for workers’ compensation claims because they do not think their injury is “bad enough” or because they fear for their job. Filing a claim helps you get financial support. It also helps policy makers and the courts demonstrate continued workplace dangers and prevent further injury. 

If you believe you have a workers’ compensation claim, an attorney can help you decide if filing is the right step for you. 

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