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Workers’ compensation: When an incident results in serious injury

There are many dangerous jobs in Florida. Washing windows on scaffolds high above the ground is one of them.  The construction industry also poses a significant risk for workplace accidents. In fact, a recent tragedy in Florida involved a construction worker. The incident is one of many examples that show just how dangerous such work can be.

A man was working on a construction crew and was reportedly operating a power saw when things went terribly wrong. A blade on the saw somehow malfunctioned and kicked back against the man’s body. He was struck with the power blade in the chest. The blade then sliced through the worker’s neck and into his jaw. The man’s co-workers contacted 911 to request immediate assistance at the scene.

The man was flown to a trauma center with life-threatening injuries. A fire-and-rescue department spokesman said the department was hoping for the best but the man was in serious condition when emergency transport took place. Substantial blood loss and possible internal organ damage would no doubt be of great concern in such circumstances.

Florida employers in the construction industry must purchase workers’ compensation insurance so that workers injured in on-the-job accidents like this one are covered. When a worker is seriously injured or killed in a workplace incident, investigators analyze the events the led to the incident to check for safety code violations or employer negligence. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide support to any worker or family facing legal complications associated with workplace injuries.

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