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How crash reconstruction can win a car accident injury case

Crash reconstruction is a mathematical science. It is also an art, in which one must be able to view the scene and surroundings of a crash constructively. Its purpose is to determine pre-impact circumstances. In other words, to figure out exactly what happened from the time the circumstances that caused the crash were set into motion, until the actual point of impact. It is used to determine things such as speed and angles of impact, among other factors.

The findings and report of a crash reconstruction can be the deciding factor in who was at fault for a car accident. Therefore, it is essential that he or she be highly skilled and knowledgeable in the craft. A reconstruction can involve measuring, surveying, applying physics and formulas, and vehicle inspections to search for mechanical malfunctions. It is otherwise known as forensic mapping. Obviously, this requires a high degree of education and training.

While it is most unlikely that a crash reconstruction would be economical for fender benders or minor car accident, they can be crucial in matters such as a wrongful death case. Especially if neither party is accepting fault.

An attorney experienced in handling car accident cases can advise of when a crash reconstruction will be beneficial to your case, and assist in retaining a reputable expert to perform one. Occasionally, law enforcement agencies will have a crash reconstructionist on staff who will perform forensic mapping prior to the release of an accident report to the parties. These may also be submitted to the court as evidence.

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