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Over 261,000 people put their own health and lives on the line each day when they go to work as first responders. First responders put others before themselves, and they often suffer injuries or illnesses as a result. While workers’ compensation should cover those individuals injured in this profession, the law is confusing and difficult to navigate - especially when someone is dealing with a work-related injury or illness.

Florida’s Workers’ compensation law does not often show the compassion that first responders deserve following a workplace injury or disability. Instead, it makes the process extremely stressful and puts injured claimants who are not completely sure of their rights at a disadvantage.

Anyone who is a first responder with a workers’ compensation claim should not let the insurance companies bully them or challenge the benefits they deserve under the law. Instead, those in this position should reach out to an experienced first responder lawyer at Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa, Attorneys at Law, right away.

Clients We Help

Our law firm assists clients in many professions who act as first responders, including:

Those who are in these lines of work know the risks, and they deserve proper coverage and benefits when they need them - without obstacles and challenges. Some claims that the firm handles involve under the Florida Law include:

Those who have concerns over any type of first responder-related medical issues should schedule a consultation to discuss how an attorney can assist.

How a First Responder Attorney Can Help

Many people wonder why they might need legal assistance if the law entitles them to workers’ compensation benefits. Even though workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, this does not mean that injured workers automatically start receiving benefits. They must file complete and accurate claims with supporting evidence of their eligibility for benefits - and even if they do everything right, the insurance company can still make the process difficult.

While someone is getting treatment for job-related conditions, the last thing they need is to add insurance company headaches to their plate. Seek help from a lawyer who can:

We take the stress off the shoulders of first responders.

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The law firm of Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa has been fighting for first responders for over 35 years, and we have helped thousands of first responders get the benefits they deserve. We have experience handling all types of first responder cases, and we can make sure that injured law enforcement officers and other first responders get the necessary medical, disability, and wage loss benefits following an injury.

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