Injured On The Job in Port St. Lucie

Workplace injuries can occur in any workplace, occupation, and industry. When a worker gets injured on the job, they may be temporarily or permanently disabled due to workplace accidents or illnesses. When this happens, whom can workers who have been injured at work turn to, so their best interests are protected?

There’s a chance that your employer and their insurer may make it extremely difficult for you to receive every single cent in workers’ comp benefits that you’re entitled to. At Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Sosa, our Port St. Lucie workplace injury lawyer knows how hard it can be to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. We are dedicated to helping you recoup the compensation you need to heal and resolve the financial burden you took on due to getting injured on the job.

What Should I Do After Getting Injured at Work?

Seek medical attention as soon as you can, including emergency help if needed, and then report your injury to your employer. In most cases, you have 30 days to inform your employer about the accident and your injury. Otherwise, they may deny your claim for failure to report it.

Am I Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

When employees are injured on the job or suffer an illness, they are entitled under the law to receive workers’ comp insurance benefits. This employer-provided coverage covers specific benefits, including medical treatment, lost wages, and death benefits in case of death. The benefits are provided on a no-fault coverage basis, except if the injured worker was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Can My Employer Deny My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Unfortunately, yes. Your employer can refuse to pay workers’ comp benefits or deny your claim for various reasons. For instance, they may argue that you did not get injured on the job or you exaggerated your injury. In this case, you can appeal your claim. Having a seasoned Port St. Lucie workers’ comp lawyer right from the start can help make sure that your claim is strong and well-presented to avoid a denial of benefits.

What If I’m Injured at Work, and My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Almost all employers are legally required to carry workers’ comp insurance coverage. If your employer is uninsured, they can face penalties, including shutting down their business and criminal consequences. You may likewise be able to file a lawsuit against them for damages resulting from your workplace injury or illness. You should discuss your case with a Port St. Lucie workers’ comp lawyer to learn your options and rights for recovering compensation from your uninsured employer.

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