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Injured In A Pedestrian Or Bicycle Auto Accident In South Florida? Here Is What You Can Recover.

Amid the green movement coupled with the outdoor lifestyle of South Florida residents, many individuals today take to walking or biking to get around. However, despite the increase in pedestrian and bicyclist traffic over the past decade, motorists still remain the dominant force on Florida’s roadways.

And, sadly, many are failing to pay attention to the road. Texting behind the wheel, checking GPS navigation, taking selfies or driving drowsy have all caused unnecessary auto accidents involving pedestrians and bikers.

Fortunately, compensation is available to injured bikers and pedestrians involved in auto collisions caused by careless drivers.

Available Compensation In Florida

There are two categories of damages you are entitled to recover.

However, the exact type or amounts will always depend on your individual circumstances. The more severe or catastrophic your injuries, the more you will likely recover.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are those that can be calculated. Injured parties are often able to recover the following types of economic damages:

Noneconomic Damages

Unlike economic damages, noneconomic benefits are not tangible. They require a subjective analysis based on specific circumstances. They include:

Other Possible Damages

In certain situations, punitive damages may also be recoverable. These types of damages are not meant to compensate an injured party, rather they are meant to punish the wrongdoer and deter future behavior. Recovering exemplary damages, as they are also referred to, are, however, limited to certain instances.

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