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Defense Base Act

Defense Base Act Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

defense base act attorney port st lucie flWhether it is for love of family or country, thousands of Americans risk losing their lives and limbs each year to work in other countries for the military or for private contractors. In 2012, statistics pegged almost three hundred deaths of civilian contractors in the Middle East, not counting military casualties.

The Defense Base Act

In August 1941, the Defense Base Act (DBA) was enacted to provide protection, medical treatment, and compensation to injured workers and death benefits to: dependent survivors of injured workers; government contractors; and those working on military bases in the United States and overseas. These include physical and mental injuries and temporary and permanent disabilities.

Who is covered by the Defense Base Act

Those covered by the DBA are the following:

  • florida defense base act lawyers attorneys for veteransAn employee working on a military base outside the United States.
  • An employee on government-funded business outside the United States.
  • An employee on contract with another government, deemed necessary to U.S. National Security.
  • Overseas civilian workers on government contracts, covering US or foreign nationals.

The DBA covers injuries and deaths that are the result of the course of employment. It is important to know that even if the injury or death did not happen in the workplace, it still may be covered under the “Zone of Special Danger” doctrine. Countries such as Iraq or Afghanistan perpetually fall under the said zone of danger.

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DBA: The Employer’s Responsibilities

Under the law, employers who fall under the DBA are required to obtain insurance. Should they fail to comply, they risk stiff fines and the possibility of losing the contract. If you fall under any of the categories above, then the DBA applies to you and you are entitled to compensation due to your injury.

Should you or a family member need to make a claim based on the Defense Base Act, consulting with an accident lawyer in Florida will help you understand the technicalities of the DBA.

Making a DBA Claim

Filing a lawsuit based on the Defense Base Act can become a challenging matter without the help of a personal injury lawyer or a wrongful death lawyer.


The person’s injury or death is already difficult to deal with. Adding the complications of the DBA to this difficult period makes the entire experience even more devastating for the victim’s family. That is why an accident injury attorney becomes vital to understanding the correct amount of compensation to be claimed in consideration of other factors related to the injury. The Defense Base Act awards claims according to the severity of the injury and the chances of recovery.

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