What to do after a car accident in a parking lot

Getting into a fender bender in a parking lot may not seem like a big deal. However, as many as 500 deaths occur in parking lots and garages every year. 

After you check to make sure everyone in both cars are safe, there are certain steps you need to take. You need to treat a parking lot accident the same as any other vehicle collision. Deviation from these steps can result in extremely negative consequences down the line. 

Do not leave the scene

Most of the time, parking lot accidents occur when the vehicles move at 10 miles per hour. This usually does not result in significant injuries or damage, but you still need to stay at the scene to exchange information. If you leave, then that counts as a hit-and-run. Many parking lots and garages have security cameras around the premises, so it will probably not be that tough for someone to find you if you drive off. 

Report the accident to the police

In the event you discover an injury later down the line after a car accident, a police report will be extremely helpful. However, it is possible the police may not come out for a parking lot accident. If no one was hurt, then the cops may not view it as a pressing matter. They may also not come out if the weather is bad. You should still call it in so that there is an official record that an accident of some kind did, in fact, take place. 

Report to your insurance company

For a small accident, you may wonder if you can work out a deal with the other driver. It always works in your best interest to go through the proper channels and contact your insurance provider. The other drivers may offer money, especially if it is clear it was their fault, but that cash may not be enough to cover the damage. After all, there may be damage you cannot see yet. 

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