What is a catastrophic injury?

In short, a catastrophic injury is a life changing injury. They usually occur suddenly, without warning, and take individuals and families by complete, unprepared surprise. They often affect far more than just the person who was injured, as many times their families and loved ones need to step into a caregiver role. Accidents involving catastrophic injuries require complex litigation best handled by an experienced attorney. In the end, these cases often bring substantial compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and future expenses.

Some examples of catastrophic injuries are spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones requiring multiple surgeries and rehabilitation, dismemberment, injuries requiring amputation, or severe burns. An individual who survives these types of injuries will require long-term care and treatment, and will likely never be the same person they once were. Many times they will never even be able to work again.

Again, the effects of a catastrophic injury generally extend far and wide. They can be life changing for an entire family, and such should be taken into consideration in the event of litigation.

Catastrophic injuries are extremely stressful for all affected parties. Allowing an attorney to argue your case in court and help you gain much needed compensation can make all the difference in the world for a traumatized family. He or she can take a lot off your plate by helping you see that there is a future, and taking the time to map out a survival plan. These types of injuries can happen so quickly that loved ones sometimes don’t know where to turn. An attorney can provide guidance and suggestions to help you put the pieces of your new puzzle together in the best way for all involved.

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I was injured at work directly due to poor management decisions. I worked as a lifeguard and a child that was in the care of the day care facility on the campus ran away. He was in immediate danger. I…
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