Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits is difficult

There are many people who want to work for a living, but can’t due to one or more disabilities, and many of these people are veterans. Up until recently, people who were considered disabled by the Veteran’s Administration were almost always considered disabled by the Social Security Administration. Disabled vets would assume that they could base their SSA application on the success of their VA application.

But, unfortunately, that line of thought has led to roadblocks for many, including loss of existing disability benefits. This is because the criteria for the two agencies for determining whether a disability is present is not the same, even though both are government agencies. Even doctor’s recommendations are looked at differently.

The SSA looks at the consistency and credibility of medical evidence, with little or no special consideration to recommendations coming from VA doctors.

What this means for Social Security Disability applicants

Because the rules governing disability benefits eligibility have changed, there have been more benefit denials. The appeals process has become more difficult as well. In addition, some people who were initially approved for SSDI benefits based largely on their VA eligibility have lost their benefits because they applied for back payments with SSA.

Good legal representation can make a difference

If you face life with a disability, life is challenging enough. It shouldn’t be extra difficult to obtain disability benefits you’ve worked and fought for. But unfortunately, it is. An experienced attorney can look at your disability and the requirements for SSDI benefits and help you present your case in a way that helps those at the SSA understand your struggles and increase your chances of approval.

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