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3 costly workers' compensation mistakes to avoid

Getting injured on the job is a serious incident. You might be eligible for reimbursement for your medical bills and lost wages at work. However, much of the success of your workers' compensation claim will depend on how you handle the aftermath of your workplace accident

If you make some simple mistakes, you could end up getting less than you deserve. Below are the most common worker's compensation mistakes you should avoid so you get the most out of your claim. 

Why you might be experiencing pain after a fender-bender

Did you recently get into a minor car accident? If so, you might be wondering why you are starting to feel pain. Contrary to popular belief, even fender-benders can result in injuries. These injuries may not be catastrophic or obvious, but they are every bit as real.

So what might explain the symptoms you are experiencing? Soft tissue injuries and concussions are possible explanations after even seemingly minor collisions. To be sure, you should always see a doctor to diagnose and treat any injury. Read on to get an idea of possible injuries that you might be dealing with. 

The different benefits available to injured workers in Florida

Understanding the range of benefits available for injured workers and their families in Florida is important. Though any worker can suffer an on-the-job injury that may threaten their livelihood and ability to meet daily expenses for themselves and their families, workers in the construction, manufacturing and industrial injuries can be at greater risk. There are a variety of different benefits available to help injured workers and their families in Florida and understanding what they are is helpful.

Benefits injured workers may be able to obtain through workers' compensation when they have been injured on the job include compensation for medical expenses related to a workplace injury or illness they have suffered. Workers can also receive compensation for mileage traveled to and from their doctor's appointments to obtain treatment for the workplace injury or illness they have suffered. In addition, workers may be able to receive partial repayment of lost wages as a result of partial disability or total disability related to the workplace injury or illness they are suffering from.

Traffic fatalities in Florida jumped from 2014 to 2015

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are obviously devastating events that turn families upside down and leave many people suffering emotionally and physically. These crashes happen surprisingly often, and today we want to look at some of the data that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has on these accidents in the state of Florida.

According to the NHTSA, from 2006 to 2008, fatal traffic accidents happened quite often. 3,357 people died in 2006, 3,213 perished in 2007, and 2,980 died in 2008. Those are declining numbers, and in 2009 the fatalities dramatically decreased from there. In that year, 2,560 people died in traffic accidents, and then from 2010 to 2014 the number of fatalities never exceeded 2,494.

How to avoid aggressive drivers on the road

For drivers who prioritize safety, aggressive motorists on Florida's roads can present a serious problem. Recognizing the signs from afar can help you stay away from potential road rage situations.

Aggressive driving typically consists of several risky behaviors that tend to increase the likelihood of an accident. In extreme cases, road rage can lead to deliberate, often deadly, assaults.

Older drivers: remaining alert about driving capabilities

Many readers, perhaps including some in Florida, say aging is for the birds. Common etymology associated with this phrase typically means that those people consider the topic at hand as trivial, worthless or something undesired. Thus, to say aging is for the birds means it's not really something to look forward to in life. Others, however, believe that people are more like fine wines and just keep getting better with age. Regardless which opinion you hold, there are definitely some factors of aging that pose various types of challenges to most people.

One area that often changes with age is the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Studies show that the older a person gets, the higher chances are that driving skills may diminish. If your last birthday cake contained 60 or more candles, this may apply to you. Intersections, in particular, may be especially dangerous places for older motorists.

Falls: The most significant safety threat on construction sites

Florida construction workers face certain risks and challenges every time they show up at work. One of the most significant threats to the safety of these men and women comes from the threat of a fall. Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry, but fortunately, there are ways to decrease the chance of these types of accidents and make job sites safer.

In order to reduce the number of falls, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed a list of ways that employers can make fall prevention a priority. Employers, construction companies and job site managers all bear the responsibility to implement and enforce safety measures. If you are a construction worker, you have the right to a reasonably safe workplace, free from unnecessary hazards.

Navigating Florida intersections can be life or death situation

When you're behind the wheel and approaching a Florida intersection, do you ever get worried that there might be an accident? Have you ever been in a situation where you came to a four-way stop sign and it was your turn to go, but another car blew right through the stop sign leading across your path? Then, you understand how highly dangerous intersections can be.

There are crossroads with traffic lights or stop signs, as well as those that are without either. Whether you walk or drive, intersections are often extremely dangerous. No matter how cautious you might be at crossroads, a negligent motorist may catch you off -guard and cause an accident.

The many forms of distracted driving

Distracted driving is a problem across the country, and Florida is no exception. Any time a driver allows his or her attention to move to something other than the task of driving safely, it is a threat to the well-being of everyone else on the road. While there are a few different types of distracted driving, they are all dangerous.

Any time a person is distracted while driving, it greatly increases his or her chance of causing an accident. This is negligence, and individuals may be financially liable for the damages and injuries suffered as a result of their actions. If you believe that you suffered because of a distracted driver, you do not have to walk through the aftermath of your accident alone.

Jonathan Levy Gives Educational Seminar

On April 7, 2017, Shareholder Jonathan Levy gave a one hour legal education seminar to the St Lucie County Bar Association at their monthly chapter meeting in downtown Ft. Pierce. It was a very well attended event, where the topic was, "The Challenges of Jury Selection in a Personal Injury Trial." Jonathan was joined by Luis Sosa of the firm, who will serve as the next Vice-President of the organization, as well as shareholder Steven Simon.

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